In the toilets. People who dance. What is it about people who dance. About letting go and feeling loose with everyone around you. People who dance and who dance anywhere are my people.

And the fields. The flat grassy fields, the monoculture stamped holes into by dancing feet. And the people are so warm. And you remember why you fell in love in the first place. The people who make things beautiful. The atmosphere. Despite the fines and cameras and the drain spinning clockwise.

On the magic bus. Misty Bus. Frosty red, green and amber lights floating past. Earphones in…

I watch her, waiting for the next comment, trying to process the one she had just made, her frame stiff and hunched over as she places the contents of her trolley on the moving belt. Red in the face, I slide the item into my bag. The woman behind me has just called it posh. She didn’t say it directly to me, just to the cashier, and together they smirked at my purchase.

I should have said, in my poshest voice: ‘Actually, it’s called a Persimmon’, for comedy’s sake. But the idea comes when the moment is long gone.


The mutually reinforcing web of relationships between councils and private businesses, who profit from stalking, fining, humiliating and making life miserable for people who dare to exhibit their free time in the centres of capital, by feeding pigeons.

The first time I noticed pigeon deterring spikes was at Salford precinct, a dreary, neglected shopping area I used to live near. I loved how the pigeons still managed to squeeze their little bodies in between the spikes to get to the gaps in the building where they left their babies, safe behind the bars that were meant to hurt them. …

When the system favours one group’s excesses over another’s necessities.

In 2017, Sarah from south Manchester made national news in the UK for helping herself to £44 000 of her employer’s money by editing his company credit card statements. She was sentenced to 18 months in prison and labelled “besotted” and “obsessed” for buying her boyfriend gifts and holidays with the money. “She’s getting psychiatric help,” said the article in the UK tabloid.

I came across this story when I was watching an interior design show on Netflix. The show is about people from around the world who create unconventional, sometimes weird, extravagant living spaces — this episode caught my…

People in western capitalist countries are taking drastic steps to avoid hitting rock bottom — mentally, financially, and spiritually — by living in utility vans.

Van life is not about choosing a nomadic lifestyle, getting off the grid, or finding freedom. It’s about having no options in a time where basic human necessities are business opportunities, and taxes are no longer used for social security or public goods.

In Nomadland, Chloé Zhao documents the lives of people in the US, and the many like them in western capitalist countries who are trying to alleviate working poverty by fashioning a lifestyle…

Alisha Ingram

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